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DIY Quantum Relays – Part 2

Quantum Relays are an exciting technology, enabling long-haul quantum communication without the need for trusted-node intermediaries, as well as expanding the algorithmic repertoire available for distributed quantum computing. In this workshop, Dr Martin Felle explores some of the schemes for building a Quantum Relay, including the necessary components and sub-systems, and some of the technical challenges you will encounter along the way.

This is part 2 of the Quantum Relays series which you can watch on demand by clicking the button below. If you haven’t watched part 1 in the series, you can do so here on demand.

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Martin FelleDr Martin Felle

Product Manager, Quantum Sensing

LinkedIn profile

Martin is a technology professional with diverse expertise in Quantum Technology, information security and business consulting. Beginning his career as a PhD researcher with the Toshiba Research Labs at the University of Cambridge, working on applications for cutting-edge quantum communication technologies, he went on to work as a cyber risk consultant with Deloitte Switzerland, delivering impactful information security projects for NGOs, FSIs, and manufacturing firms.

In May 2021, Martin joined the growing ID Quantique family. Today, he serves as a Product Manager in IDQ’s QSensing division, presenting their Quantum Sensing products to the global quantum community.

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