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ETSI makes progress on quantum-safe security standards

IDQ is delighted to share the progress made on the standardization of Quantum-Safe Security (QSS) within ETSI. IDQ actively participates in the Industry Specification Group (ISG) on Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) and in the Quantum-Safe Cryptography (QSC) Working Group.

Since 2017, the ISG on QKD published 2 new Group Specifications and 2 new Group Reports, addressing important topics such as interoperability between QKD devices and applications, or initial configuration of QKD devices. The group is presently putting a strong emphasis on security certification and control and management of QKD systems.

The QSC Working Group published 4 new technical reports within the last 3 years. Three of them focus on QSC in specific use-cases. The latest published technical report addresses the issue of migration from non-quantum-safe cryptographic environment to a quantum-safe one. The reasoning of this technical report can be extended to other quantum-safe security technologies such as Quantum Key Distribution (QKD).

IDQ is happy to contribute to the development of standards for QSC and QKD with ETSI. The aim of which is to prepare a smooth transition of legacy data security to become resistant to quantum computing threats.

For further details about the published documents of the 2 quantum technology groups:





About ETSI

ETSI produces globally applicable standards for Information and Communications Technologies, including fixed, mobile, radio, converged, broadcast and Internet technologies. Officially recognized by the European Union, it boasts membership of over 800 organizations from more than 60 countries worldwide. Its standards for GSM™ DECT™ Smart Cards and electronic signatures have helped transform modern life across the globe.


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