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Webinar Replay: How can quantum technology bring value to IoT security?

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In the hyper-connected 5G era, where 43 billion devices are expected to be connected through wireless networks in 2026, the importance of cybersecurity to the edge rises exponentially. IoT and edge devices are now connecting home, hospitals, factories, infrastructure, schools and shopping locations, requiring the collection and transmission of more and more sensitive data including financial, health, business and personal information, which raises the need for security to the edge.

The risk to IoT security is already real and steadily increasing. Security has not necessarily been a focus point when launching an IoT device on the market, mostly because of cost and integration barriers. These can be mitigated today, and organizations can now differentiate themselves while protecting their investment with top end future-proof quantum security.

In this webinar, our experts will explain what is at risk, the importance of strong keys in cryptographic algorithms and how Quantum Randomness assures you offer the highest level of security to your customers.



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