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ID Quantique awarded “IP Management Award” of the Fraunhofer IAO & wins “Security” category

For the 10th year, the renowned Fraunhofer IAO and Management Circle has honoured digital start-ups with a strong intellectual property portfolio.

ID Quantique’s Mr. Yacine Felk and Ms. Sara Fatale receiving the award in Munich, Germany.
ID Quantique’s Mr. Yacine Felk and Ms. Sara Fatale receiving the award in Munich, Germany.

ID Quantique’s Mr. Yacine Felk and Ms. Sara Fatale were pleased to be in Munich last Tuesday, where IDQ received the IP Management Award 2nd prize and was named the winner of the “Security” category.

Everyone at ID Quantique would also like to congratulate fellow winners Tacterion and IDnow for their 1st and 3rd positions!

“Despite the known barriers, the three winners of the 2018 Intellectual Property Management Awards have managed to develop a professional and value-creating IP strategy. This will enable them to work in partnership with strategic partners and develop growth strategies with freedom-to-operate security” says Truong Le, an expert in intellectual property at Fraunhofer IAO, on the selection of winners.

Leading the way in Quantum technologies

Since 2001, ID Quantique has led advancements in the development of high-quality intellectual property (IP) for Quantum technologies in order to protect its investments in R&D and preserve its competitive advantage.

As a pioneer in bringing quantum-safe crypto solutions to market, with a highly-qualified and flexible R&D team with a real passion for quantum technologies, IDQ has always had a strong focus on innovation. The company has played a leading role in cutting-edge projects to drive innovations to the market, while its core quantum photonics technologies provide innovative solutions for industrial, commercial and research applications.

IDQ maintains its leadership role by continuously developing and expanding its patent portfolio with new technologies that are complementary to its core businesses. The growing number of patents IDQ holds is a testament to its commitment to innovation.

Read Fraunhofer’s Press Release: https://www.iao.fraunhofer.de/lang-de/presse-und-medien/aktuelles/1998-start-ups-ueberzeugen-mit-digitaler-ip-strategie.html



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