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ID Quantique expands its QRNG chip range for space application

ID Quantique expands its QRNG chip range with the addition of two new models made for space applications.The two new highly robust Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) chips are based on the existing IDQ20MC1 model, and have been designed, built, and tested to withstand the extreme harshness of the space environment.

ID Quantique QRNG chip range for space application

Making satellite security quantum-proof

Satellites have long been used to expand and improve communications globally. The critical role satellites play in communications infrastructure means they have always featured the best possible cyber security technology. Now, ID Quantique (IDQ) extends that technical excellence by introducing the world’s first radiation hardened family of devices for use in space.

Certified to ECSS-Q-ST-60-13, the IDQ20MC1-S1 and IDQ20MC1-S3 serve the entire range of mission profiles for use in space requiring Rad Hard or Rad Tolerant devices. The IDQ20MC1-S3 is a Class 3 device predominately for use in low earth orbit (LEO) missions. The IDQ20MC1-S1 is a Class 1 device, targeted for use in MEO and GEO mission profiles. IDQ is the first to enable satellite security designers to upgrade their encryption keys to quantum enhanced keys.

From edge to space applications

IDQ has a 20-year history of bringing the best QRNG products to market, making the most trusted, highest value keys for cyber security.

Recently, IDQ also added a new version of the world’s smallest QRNG chip to its range. The IDQ250C3 is a QRNG in low profile LGA packaging for use in shrinking products like smartphones and IoT devices. The new IDQ250C3 is a low cost, slim package design that upgrades classical security in consumer electronics to quantum technology enhanced cybersecurity.

With the expansion of global 5G deployments, an increasing number of everyday products are joining the IoT. However, ubiquitous connectivity does not come without risk. Unfettered access to the internet introduces new attack surfaces that may be exploited by those with bad intent.

Cybercriminals and hackers need little encouragement and have been prioritizing attacks on end-user devices to gain access to valuable network assets. need to improve cybersecurity in consumer electronics is now, more than ever, paramount.

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Visit QRNG Chip product page

Download QRNG Chips Brochure

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