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ID Quantique joins a Quantum-Safe Satellite Data Link Project

In the framework of the ARTES strategic programme line Space Systems for Safety and Security (4S), the European Space Agency (ESA) awarded a contract for the innovative End-to-End Quantum-Safe Security for Satellite Data Links (E2EQSS) project to shield satellite communications from emergent quantum threats.

This pioneering initiative will revolutionize the commercial space industry by implementing an all-encompassing quantum-safe security framework, safeguarding satellite data communications against future cryptographic vulnerabilities.

The E2EQSS project is a pioneering effort designed to incorporate asymmetric quantum-safe cryptography, also known as post-quantum cryptography, to facilitate quantum-safe key distribution tailored explicitly for future satellite constellations. By seamlessly integrating space and ground components, the project aims to establish a fortified barrier against the advances of quantum computing threats.

At the helm of this ambitious project is a consortium of four leading partners, each renowned for their distinct expertise and contributions to secure communications. VisionSpace Technologies GmbH, with its profound knowledge of ground components, is set to ensure the seamless operation and security of the project’s terrestrial infrastructure. Complementing this, ID Quantique, the global leader in Quantum Cybersecurity, brings its state-of-the-art quantum random number generator chips, a critical component for the encryption and protection of data transmissions. Certified to ECSS-Q-ST-60-13, IDQ’s Chips serve the entire range of mission profiles for use in space requiring Rad Hard or Rad Tolerant devices. ATELERIS GmbH contributes its specialized skills in satellite onboard software, optimizing the performance and security of satellite operations. FHNW HT-ISE, a leading research institution, rounds up the consortium and provides extensive knowledge in quantum-safe security, steering the project’s scientific and technological trajectory.

Together, these partners are committed to developing a robust, quantum-safe ecosystem for satellite data links. This collaborative effort marks a significant step forward in the quest for secure space communications, paving the way for a new industry standard in the face of evolving quantum challenges. As the E2EQSS project progresses, its developments are poised to revolutionize the way we approach security in space communications, ensuring that our global networks remain secure and resilient in the quantum era.

Contact points:
VisionSpace Technologies: Miguel Lordelo, miguel.lordelo@visionspace.com
ID Quantique: Catherine Simondi, catherine.simondi@idquantique.com
ATELERIS GmbH: Laszlo Etesi, laszlo.etesi@ateleris.ch
FHNW HT-ISE: Prof. Dr. Christoph Wildfeuer, christoph.wildfeuer@fhnw.ch

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