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ID Quantique named SINET 16 Innovator

SINET 16, hosted in Washington D.C. in November 2018, saw IDQ being recognised as an ‘Innovator’ for its work in securing long-lived ‘Life Critical’ IoT devices using quantum random number generation.

Each year, SINET evaluates the technologies and products of hundreds of cybersecurity organisations from across the globe before selecting the 16 most innovative to present their solutions at the annual SINET Showcase in Washington D.C.

This year, ID Quantique was proud to be recognised as one of the 16 for its continuing efforts to secure IoT devices against the threats posed in today’s threat landscape and, more importantly, tomorrow’s post-quantum environment.

Securing ‘Life Critical’ IoT devices

SINET recognised IDQ’s work specifically in cryptography for ‘Life Critical’ devices; which is to say devices that are used to underpin key industries and critical infrastructure such as SCADA networks, financial networks, healthcare devices including remote monitoring tools and automotive and transport industry technologies such as connected cars and traffic signals.

ID Quantique at SINET 16 awards

Without strong encryption, these devices provide cyber criminals with a ‘free pass’ for network access; something that could cause untold disruption. Moreover, with changing encryption techniques and the introduction of quantum computing, it is in the interest of national security and public safety that these devices are secured against impending threats as well as those that exist today.

IDQ’s development of quantum random number generators, specifically the Quantis QRNG Chip, was acknowledged as an innovative method of securing IoT devices by providing a level of entropy and stability that conventional pseudo random number generators cannot achieve. In addition it allows IoT devices to be software upgradable to the most up-to-date encryption standards as they are released, or as new security threats emerge.

“Quantum entropy provides the hardware foundation of the strongest encryption for today’s ‘Life Critical’ embedded systems encryption. It will be absolutely required for these devices to be software upgradable as we transition to tomorrow’s post-quantum world.” Kelly Richdale, SVP Quantum Safe Security, ID Quantique.

After the announcement, IDQ’s SVP Quantum Safe Security, Kelly Richdale, spoke of her pride in the achievement; “It’s great to see our continued efforts at providing quantum-safe cryptography being recognised across the world. My congratulations to the team, and to the other Innovators named this year”.

Find out more about the challenge of securing the IoT in our blog, or about our Quantis QRNG Chip here.


SINET believes that effective Cybersecurity is required to facilitate economic growth, protect critical infrastructure and maintain political stability. To accomplish this objective, SINET is dedicated to building a cohesive, worldwide Cybersecurity community with the goal of accelerating innovation through collaboration.

Find out more at https://www.security-innovation.org/

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