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IDQ CEO published in Forbes Magazine

Gregoire RibordyThis month saw the latest in a series of thought-provoking articles by IDQ CEO, Gregoire Ribordy, published in the prestigious Forbes magazine. In How to make the Internet Secure in a Quantum World, Gregoire explores the role of government in setting security standards, the importance of big data security and how businesses are working to meet the challenges posed by future cybersecurity threats.


“Governments worldwide are responsible not just for the physical security of their citizens but their digital security too. The private and public network infrastructure used by state-run institutions contains a wealth of sensitive, confidential and personally identifiable information. This makes it a very attractive proposition for any financially or ideologically motivated cybercriminal.

Big data requires big data security, which means protecting both the data itself and the networks across which it travels. The long-term value associated with much of this data means cybersecurity strategies need to provide protection not just against today’s disclosed threats but tomorrow’s emerging threat landscape.

The article recognizes the challenge associated with securing next-generation network infrastructure, including the stuttering introduction of 5G networks across the globe due to security concerns. Trust sits at the core of data privacy and protection. In a digitally transformed world users need to be able to trust the data they rely on is authentic and retains its integrity and confidentiality.

Acknowledging the threat posed by the arrival of a quantum computer to public key cryptography – the technology we currently rely on to secure the internet – Gregoire highlights how technology companies are fighting fire with fire and leveraging quantum solutions to mitigate the risk.

As we move deeper into the 2020’s – the quantum decade – quantum has become big business. Quantum start-ups have attracted millions of euros in venture capital investment and governments are allocating billions of euros to evolving quantum initiatives. The UK, Europe and the US have each committed around $1billion to long-term quantum development projects but this is nothing compared to the $10billion China is investing in quantum solutions.



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