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IDQ Demonstrates Quantum-Safe Videoconferencing

On 6th July 2017, IDQ were invited to speak at a seminar organised by the Secretariat of Telecommunications, Cybersecurity and the Digital Society of Catalonia in Barcelona.


Quantum-Safe Videoconferencing

The event featured specially-invited delegates from the Catalan Government and local industry. The aim of the seminar was to explain the key concepts of quantum physics and the real-world applications that are emerging. Most notably, in the fields of quantum communications and cryptography.

IDQ were invited to speak at the event and discussed the state of quantum-safe security, along with how the threat of the quantum computer is compelling both private and public sector organisations to revise their network and data security strategies.

A key part of the seminar was a live demonstration of quantum-safe videoconferencing: Mr Neus Munté, Counsellor of the Presidency, talked to Joaquim Nin, Secretary of Presidency, from different locations in Barcelona, through a highly secured line, encrypted with quantum-safe technology.




The communication was protected by a quantum cryptography solution from ID Quantique, consisting of high-performance Network Encryption, complemented with Quantum Key Distribution to securely exchange the encryption keys between the two locations.

The videoconference went smoothly, demonstrating that quantum technologies have successfully moved beyond the laboratory and into real-world applications. It is already possible to protect sensitive or critical data flows, including the hi-definition video streams used in quantum-safe videoconferencing, against the emerging threat of the quantum computer.

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