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IDQ technology features in Quebec Quantum Infrastructure project


numana quantum communications network project


Earlier this month Numana (formerly TechnoMontreal) announced the launch of a $3.75million quantum communications network project. Numana is a Quebec-based, not-for-profit organisation committed to acting as a catalyst for technological ecosystems. In partnership with Bell Canada, and with the support of the Quebec Minister of Economy and Innovation, Numana are at the forefront of quantum infrastructure design and deployment in Canada.

Stage one of the project will be launched later this year at Sherbrooke, home to the Quantum Sherbrooke Innovation Zone. Further networks are planned for Montreal and Quebec City, with the aim of creating a province-wide quantum communications infrastructure.


“As part of this quantum infrastructure project, quantum communication protocols will help protect the growing volume of digitally transmitted, confidential corporate and personal data, such as health records and financial transactions. This communication method, which is impossible to decrypt or intercept without detection, is the foundation of a future, ultra-secure quantum Internet. Through this world-class test bed, Quebec can capitalize on this playing field to develop solutions.”

This initial project phase will establish a fibre-optic quantum communication test bed in Sherbrooke’s Quantum Innovation Zone, in partnership with Bell. Through this project, the Quebec government intends to:

  • Enable Quebec to develop its quantum communications and cybersecurity expertise and infrastructure on existing communications networks
  • Foster the emergence of a competitive industrial sector for quantum communications, including network components and service offerings, in Quebec
  • Promote the growth of the Quebec ecosystem by offering a prototyping platform open to all

ID Quantique is delighted to be a part of this ground-breaking infrastructure project. Canada has established itself as one of the leading nations in the development of quantum technologies and ID Quantique has a long-standing relationship with stakeholders, both commercial and academic, in the region.

Our QKD solutions will be used to distribute secure keys to the link encryptors charged with securing the new fibre-based quantum infrastructure in Sherbooke’s Innovation Zone. We’ve been deploying commercial QKD soltions for over 15 years now. As the market for QKD matures, we continue to innovate. Our latest, fourth generation of QKD devices, can be deployed in any network configuration that requires high key throughput.

You can read the full press release here.

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