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Did you know that..?


> Data is NOT protected by volume

> WDM Networks CAN be tapped

> Fibre Channel protocol is NOT safe

> Dark Fibres are NOT safe

> MPLs VPNs are NOT inherently secure

> Attenuation Monitoring is NOT an adequate protection



Find out how ID Quantique can help you protect your company and your customers.

Today, every industry is at risk. Threat vectors are evolving and are gaining strength and expertise.

In order to prevent an attack, you must act now and the only solution is state-of-the-art encryption.

IDQ will help you to design and start a phased, affordable and efficient process to reach the right level of protection for today’s needs and the long-term future.

Contact us for personal advice and more on your industry needs or go through our products and solutions here.

Why is there an urgent need for better
data protection?

> Data is becoming more and more a strategic asset

> Networks are inherently unsafe and start to be mission critical

> The number of targeted attacks and breaches due to Cyber terrorism
and Cyber warfare are increasing

> Legal and compliance requirements are getting more constraining
(May 2018: GDPR)

> Increased automation and local data acquisition / generation (loT)
become a major risk factor


What are the risks for you and your

> Reputational damage

> Service disruption

> Actual financial losses / ransom

> Regulatory risks, ex: GDPR: penalties up to 4% of the annual turnover

> Intellectual Property (IP) theft

> Theft or loss of personal identity information



Our solution: State-of-the-art Network Encryption


> FIPS approved key management

> RSA 2048 or Elliptic Curve (up to 521)

> AES 256 CTR or GCM mode for high-speed encryption

> Fully automatic key management

> High-quality encryption keys generated through true QRNG

> Upgradeable to Quantum-Safe Security


Learn more about our encryption appliances

> Download our White Paper

State-of-the-art Network Encryption Architecture & best practices


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