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Did you know that..?

> It can take up to ten minutes or more to generate and assess a certificate in a PKI environment, especially at peak times

> This delay has a direct impact on serving your customers

>This may affect any organization; including banks, insurance companies and e-commerce applications

> It can have serious knock-on effects, such as reputational and revenue damage

Why is it urgent you act now?

> More and more revenue is generated through an increasing number of web applications

> The calls to the randomness pool are often blocked; until enough entropy has been acquired to generate the cryptographic keys necessary for certificates and encryption material for secure handshake and connection

> If you don’t ensure the availability and security of your system, your business is at risk


Our solution: State-of-the-art Quantum Key Generation

A hardware quantum random number generator resolves the delay in creating faster certificates and keys. It also achieves a higher level of encryption for mission-critical applications and upgrades the service to provide high availability.


Certified Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG)

> High-performance and simple configuration

> Entropy source up to 16Mbps

> High-quality random numbers for security and cryptographic applications

> Transparent supply of proven randomness into apps

> Swiss-certified randomness source for HSMs to improve trust and security



Find out how ID Quantique can help you protect your company and your customers.

Today, every industry is at risk. In order to secure your systems, you must act now and the only solution is state-of-the-art Quantum Key Generation.

IDQ will help you to design and start a phased, affordable and efficient process to reach the right level of protection for today’s needs and the long-term future.

Contact us for personal advice and more on your industry needs or go through our products and solutions here.

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Learn more about improving randomness

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Improving randomness to prevent weak keys and ensure availability




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