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QRANGE Random Number Generation project makes progress

The QRANGE project, which seeks to push Quantum Random Number Generation (QRNG) technology further than ever before, is making progress and features in an Euresearch success story.

In October 2018 the EU announced the first Quantum Flagship projects, presenting 20 projects that would focus on four key areas of quantum technologies: communications, computing, simulation and metrology/sensing.Among these was QRANGE; a €3.2m project spearheaded by a nine-member consortium which includes ID Quantique. Designed to expand the capabilities of Quantum Random Number Generation (QRNG) further than ever before, QRANGE aims to make the technology cheaper, faster and more secure.

“QRANGE aims to build three different [QRNG] prototypes that are cheaper, faster and more secure than existing devices. Our deliverable is to look at the prototypes and identify all the possible attacks in the context of the use cases for which the device is being developed” explains Dr Florian Fröwis, QRANGE Project Manager at IDQ.

QRANGE Random Number Generation project makes progress
Photo credit: PPR/ Salvatore di Nolfi

Over the next three years, the project will push QRNG technology towards a wide range of disruptive commercial applications. It will also seek to advance the theory of QRNG for next-generation devices, as well as develop a certification framework specifically designed for QRNG.

QRANGE features in Euresearch success story

To showcase its progress, QRANGE recently featured in a Euresearch success story. The organisation, which acts as an information and advisory service on the European Research and Innovation Framework Programmes, explains the importance of truly random numbers in all cryptographic algorithms and the impact of the project as a whole.The success story also highlights Euresearch’s valuable critical feedback on the project and proposal, explaining that “although the EU website provides all the necessary information for applicants, Fröwis notes that expert help from Euresearch made the difference in drafting a winning proposal for the QRANGE consortium”.

More information on QRANGE can be found at https://qrange.eu/ and you can also review the project details on the European Commission website.

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You can download the success story here.

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