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Webinar replay: How the threat of the quantum computer compels us to revise our security strategies

Watch and re-watch our latest Webinar, brought to you by Equinix, Mt Pelerin and ID Quantique, to provide you with current progress in the field of Quantum-Safe Security.

How the threat of the quantum computer compels us to revise our security strategies

As emphasised by recent events and Google’s claim of reaching quantum supremacy, the quantum computer is already a reality. Although the timing of the arrival of a quantum computer capable of factoring large integers and therefore of breaking most existing public key cryptosystems is still under debate, the risk to cybersecurity infrastructure is now real and steadily increasing.

In order to prepare our cybersecurity framework to the quantum era, action must be taken today.

The goal of this webinar brought to you by Equinix, Mt Pelerin and ID Quantique is to explain how quantum cryptography is applied to several use cases including datacentre interconnection, 5G network and the storage of digital keys part of blockchain applications (presented by Mt Pelerin). Quantum keys are available at Equinix datacenter in Geneva and can be used by Equinix customers to run proof of concept.

Our experts will explain how to assess the risk to your security infrastructure, and showcase implemented solutions in Europe and in particular at Equinix.



Quantum-Safe Security Webinar brought to you by:

quantum-safe security morning equinixEquinix is a capital destination platform for customers who want to take advantage of its innovative services and ecosystems to consolidate their digital advantage.


quantum-safe security mt pelerinMt Pelerin, based in Geneva, is building the first blockchain bank. It envisions a new era of financial freedom through a facilitated and disintermediated access to financing and investment for all.


quantum-safe security morning idqID Quantique is the world leader in quantum-safe crypto solutions, including Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), designed to protect data for the long-term future.



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