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Quantum Security in Telecommunications

Power up your sales with quantum technology

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Quantum-enhanced security makes any phone and app more secure

A phone equipped with quantum-enhanced security enables trusted authentication and encryption of information allowing smartphone holders to use applications and services in a safer and more secure manner.

Our embedded hardware security chip ensures that the phone itself, its applications and any related service can be fed with the strongest encryption keys.

IDQ miniture chip Quantum Secure Mobile technology 550x420

Security matters and Quantum Security makes a big difference

Quantum-enhanced security strengthens the whole phone ecosystem’s security (phone/apps/services). While phones are a goldmine of precious information: transporting financial, health, business and personal information, today’s users expect and deserve the best, long-lasting security.

With quantum security, you can differentiate your products and services and benefit from additional revenues with security-first services, while making your users confident and happy.

Ultra high app security IDQ

Quantum Phones are available today

In May 2020 the first 5G smartphone equipped with a Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) chipset was announced.

Following this success, Samsung launched the Galaxy Quantum 2 in 2021, the Galaxy Quantum 3 in 2022, and the Galaxy Quantum 4 in 2023 with an expanded use of QRNG to many critical services in each successive version.

Quantum indicator on a quantum secure cellular phone IDQ

Quantum Protection

Protecting applications – from mobile banking to payments, social networks and games — as well as external data storage, as an example:

They leverage Quantum Security


DGB Bank quantum secure app image

IM Banking App

DGB Daegu Bank, one of Korea’s largest regional bank, introduced the first mobile banking service app based on 5G quantum security technology.

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Standard chartered banking app

Standard Chartered App

Standard Chartered added quantum-level security to its mobile banking app to protect the safety of transactions.

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cryptonext mobile phone security

CryptoNext Messaging plugin

CryptoNext built a next-gen, quantum-safe messaging app plugin to manage sensitive communications.

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Quantum CyberSecurity in Telecommunications Webinar

Quantum cyber security applied to telecommunications: immediate benefits and future-proof protection

With the growing threats on telecommunications systems, how can we be sure communications, apps and services are secure?

Quantum-enhanced security in equipment and phones is now a mainstream solution to ensure trusted and secured communications.


In this on demand webinar, Thomas Stengel, QRNG Biz Dev at ID Quantique, introduces IDQ’s quantum cyber security solutions and how they can be leveraged to create additional revenue.


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20 Years of Quantum Innovation

Thomas Stengel

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ID Quantique

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