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Quantum-Safe Digital Trust Expertise and Services

Work with IDQ Professional Services to see how we can help your organisation improve its cyber security posture.

To stay competitive and protect yourself against data breaches, your team needs to prepare the future now. But finding the best solution can be time consuming and expensive, especially when complex business processes are involved.

That’s why we offer a broad range of services and technologies to help governments and organisations to build digital trust and to improve their cyber security posture in a post-quantum era.

IDQ Professional Services brings ID Quantique’s expertise to your own unique situation to design and deliver practical solutions that will improve your data security.

We offer advisory consulting, technologies and professional design and implementation services for secure digital trust products and platforms to help companies and governments build security for a quantum-safe future. Our teams can intelligently adapt IDQ’s solutions to fit your organisation and match your security standards and country regulations. These solutions will be designed to work seamlessly with your existing systems.

Based on our extensive experience in industry-specific workflows, from consultation to implementation of a customised solutions, our teams are focused on helping you keep your organisation efficient and productive, while ensuring long-term security of your data.

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Technology and IP licensing

IDQ’s technology portfolio consists of advanced tools for quantum-safe encryption and post-quantum digital trust platforms, secure key generation and secure key distribution. IDQ has implemented its technologies in its own products, as well as providing the building blocks for the design and implementation of secure infrastructures for our global partners and customers.

Our technologies and tools include:

Professional Services

IDQ provides professional services and has proven implementation expertise in the following areas:

Secure Crypto Design

Secure Hardware Implementation

Secure Software Implementation

Selected Case Studies

Critical Infrastructure security for ABB
IDQ co-designed and co-developed the SECU1 encryption card and management software to encrypt MPLS traffic for ABB’s XMC20 transport equipment for the critical infrastructure market. Special protocols ensure the time critical applications for utilities (such as electricity grids) depending on Precision Time Protocol are not impacted by the encryption. IDQ’s Quantis QRNG is embedded in the board to ensure high quality key generation.

Secure Token Generation for Digital Currency
IDQ designed, developed and supported implementation of the security architecture and crypto elements for the issuance of secure digital money for use in a central bank. The elements included: secure crypto token issuance with unique serial numbers and authentication based on customised digital signature algorithms; management of cryptographic keys lifecycle, distribution, back up, update and expiration of tokens, with audit trials; validation and introduction of custom elliptic curves into commercially available HSMs.

Key Factory for Government and Defense
IDQ developed a highly secured encryption key generation platform based on multiple entropy sources for governments and defense clients, incorporating best practices in key scheduling, key mixing, key storage, key auditing. The platform includes live NIST testing of the final key material.

Support Services

IDQ provides support and maintenance services for all products and solutions. Standard and premium support contracts are offered.
Contact us for more information on Technical Support: support@idquantique.com or phone + 41 22 301 83 71.

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