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Quantum security applied in automobiles: immediate benefits and future-proof protection

With the ever-expanding attack surface of cybersecurity threats on connected cars, how can we be sure cars remains secure now and in 10 years’ time?

Quantum-enhanced cyber security in automobiles is now a mainstream solution to ensure trusted and secured in-vehicle and V2X communications.

In this webinar, Thomas Stengel, QRNG Biz Dev at ID Quantique, will introduce IDQ’s quantum cyber security solutions and explain why it is time to consider this new technology now.


What you can expect:

  • Quantum’s paradigm shift and its impact on the automotive industry
  • How we can help secure automobiles’ communications to hardware, outside apps, and in the cloud
  • Benefits of adding quantum-enhanced security to car cyber security
  • A deep dive into our brand new joint product with Murata: the Quantum Hardware Security Module
    • The World’s First IC Quantum based Hardware Security Module
    • The World’s First PQC-compatible module


Explore more on our automotive application page. You an now watch this webinar on demand for your convenience, by clicking the button below.

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Thomas Stengel Cyber Security in automobiles webinarThomas Stengel

Tom Stengel is the Senior Director of Business Development globally for IDQ QRNG products for quantum enhanced security. Making existing security more secure from consumer and edge products like mobile phones, IoT devices, computing, automotive; to core products in data centers and telecommunications. Tom’s background is in R&D, marketing and sales of semiconductor processors, AI, and quantum technology.

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