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Compact & cost effective module for single-photon detection at telecom wavelengths

> Free-running & gated
> Free-space & MMF options
> Ultra-low dark count
> Low jitter

About the ID Qube series
Plug-and-play, ultra-low noise and compact modules for single-photon detection applications

The ID Qube modules are available in free-space or fibre-coupled (MMF62.5) versions compatible with both SMF and MMF62.5 fibre. They offer the possibility to receive external pulses for fast and slow gating operations depending on the model.

The ID Qube NIR Gated module is optimised for fast-gated (up to 100 MHz) operations at telecom wavelengths, specially suited for quantum communication protocol.

The ID Qube NIR Free-Running module offers ultra-low noise free-running operation mainly required for photon correlation and Time of Flight measurement.

Be even more efficient in the lab. ID Quantique’s products are specially designed to be combined together. We recommend to operate the ID Qube detectors together with the ID1000 Time Controller series, IDQ’s central platform which combines the functionalities of a Time-tagger, delay and pattern generator.

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> QKD and quantum communication
> Quantum optics and computing
> Single-photon source characterisation
> Fluorescence lifetime imaging
> Failure analysis of integrated circuits
> VIS, NIR and MIR spectroscopy



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