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ID Quantique’s quantum solutions

From individual components to fully integrated solutions for practical, real-world industrial applications, ID Quantique’s customers benefit from a wide range of quantum technologies.

Integrated, photonics-based systems design – OTDR, LiDAR, TCSPC , spectroscopy

Our multidisciplinary project team includes Physicists and Engineers with skills and experience gained from many years in industry and research; together we design leading-edge photonics solutions to solve your problems. For more revolutionary ‘Quantum 2.0’ projects we can involve academic partners to bring dramatic change to levels of performance.

Integration of photon counting and timing components into OEM products – electronic and mechanical design

We design custom optoelectronic modules incorporating single-photon detection and precision timing for integration into systems for LiDAR and Range Finding, remote gas sensing, molecular Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging , Time-Resolved Photoluminescence material characterization and more.

Optical assembly design – maximum light collection, daylight filtering

We are experienced designers of optical systems for high performance free-space applications including LiDAR and optical line-of-sight communications.

Photon-based communications systems and protocols – Single-photon, pulse-position modulation/demodulation

We work with line-of-sight optics and optical fibres to provide a range of bespoke communications solutions to meet our clients’ specific requirements.

Application-specific software/firmware/FPGA/hardware customisation

Our experienced programmers provide the software and firmware required to provide robust, high-performance control of our systems.

Cost reduction for high-volume production of single-photon based solutions

In addition to designing experimental and proof-of-concept systems, we can apply formal Design for Manufacture principles and can manufacture in-house or transfer to our clients for cost-effective production as required.

Extensive track record

IDQ has a growing track record of successful delivery, commissioning and ongoing operational support of complex systems for industrial applications such as LiDAR, gas sensing, line-of-sight communications and high-resolution monitoring of optical fibres.

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