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Superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors

The very best in single-photon detection
Complete turn-key systems, empowering you to create the building blocks of tomorrow’s quantum internet

One series, two models,
endless possibility

Our superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors (SNSPDs) represent the very best in single-photon detection. Yet IDQ’s SNSPD journey is just beginning.

IDQ’s mission is to empower your work in emerging photonic technologies and quantum applications; from QKD and quantum communication, quantum optics for quantum computation, hyper-resolved microscopy for biology and medicine, to ultra-precise metrology and manufacturing.

Researchers and developers around the world are already finding out that SNSPDs are making the impossible possible; helping us all reach the goal of tomorrow’s quantum internet. Aided by our existing range of ID281 SNSPDs – already boasting near-perfect detection efficiency, timing precision, ultra-low noise and fast recovery time – you can push your photonic experiments to the limit.

Detectors for any occasion

ID281 SNSPDs are Swiss-made single-photon detectors, featuring best-in-class detection efficiency, timing jitter, noise and recovery speed. Mix and match up to 16 SNSPDs in one automated closedcycle cryostat, providing ease-of-use and unrivalled device performance for long-term multi-year operation.

  • Single pixel detectors for excellent overall performance
  • Parallel and multi-pixel detectors for ultrafast counting and photon-number-resolution
  • Near-ideal efficiency
  • Ultra-precise timing
  • Ultra-low noise

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ID281 SNSPD detectors

Two cryogenic systems

Two models of cryogenic system house ID281 Series SNSPDs:
the ID281 SO (SOrption) system, and the ID281 CO (Continuous
Operation) system.

  • Self-contained cryogenic systems
  • Mix and match up to 16 SNSPDs in a single system
  • Autonomous system operation
  • Latch-free single-photon detection by design

ID281 SOrption

The ID281 SO system achieves the highest SNSPD performance, with longer periods between system maintenance and an overall longer system lifetime.

  • Best detector performance – lowest jitter possible
  • Full catalogue of ID281 SNSPDs available
  • Extended system lifetime
  • Even longer periods between maintenance

ID281 Continuous Operation

The ID281 CO system achieves true uninterrupted and indefinite SNSPD operation, while still benefiting from excellent ID281 SNSPD performance.

  • Cost-effective solution
  • True 24/7 continuous operation
  • High-speed and low-jitter SNSPDs
  • Continually expanding detector catalogue

A complete package

ID281 SNSPDs are delivered in turnkey detection systems, tailored to your needs. Options and accessories for the ID281 SNSPD system include:

  • Rack mounting customization for safety and mobility
  • ID281 Control Box for plug-and-play operation
  • ID1000 Time Controller for ultrafast ultra-precise data acquisition

Your photonic sensing journey

Every user’s needs are unique, and the breadth and performance of our SNSPDs means that every system is tailored especially to you.

Your ID281 Series journey begins in complementary and non-binding consultation with our expert team—to define the detection solution that is right for you—and continues with a smooth and fast delivery, installation and user training, followed by always-available ongoing support.

Talk to us today to start your journey, and find out what SNSPDs can do for you.

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Applications and use cases

Researchers and developers around the world are finding out that our superconducting detectors are making the impossible possible. Read more about their exciting and impactful experiments and applications

Applications and use cases

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