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Quantis QRNG Chip

Enhance the security of any device with quantum technology

Quantum technology offers increased security

The security of any cryptographic system is determined by the security of its keys – which rely on random numbers.

All transmissions, applications and data are protected by encryption algorithms:

  • A cryptographic algorithm is based on keys.
  • To be secure, keys must be generated in an unpredictable way.

ID Quantique uses quantum technology to make the best keys with QRNG, and the safest way to distribute keys with QKD.

Quantum Random Number Generation (QRNG) is the only solution offering provable entropy thanks to the laws of quantum physics which makes it invulnerable to prediction or bias.

Layers of good security all require randomness:

Strong-Authentication_iconStrong Authentication and Access control

Root-of-Trust_iconSecure Roots of Trust (RoT)

Secure-Management_iconSecure Management

Encryption-of-Data_iconEncryption of Data and Key Management

Monitoring_iconMonitoring, Management and Crypto-agility

Upgrade to quantum for the ultimate in data and application security

Want to know more about the applications for quantum random number generation? Perhaps you’d like to explore how you can integrate the QRNG Chip into your own technology? Give us a few details and we’ll get back to you.

Why does quantum technology provide stronger encryption keys?

Our unparalleled QRNGs leverage the random properties of quantum physics to generate a true source of entropy, improving the quality of seed content for key generation.

They provide a clear and robust entropy generation mechanism with a security proof.

  • Intrinsically and provably random
  • Robust and controlled entropy source
  • Instant full entropy from the first bit


Quantis QRNG Chips

IDQ’s QRNG chip is available in six models, depending on size, performance, power consumption and certifications, to fit various industry-specific needs.

  • Low production costs for mass market
  • Small footprint (from 2.5 x 2.5 mm)
  • Highest robustness
  • Low-power consumption
  • Compliant with security standards (FIPS/NIST, CC/AIS-31)

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They trust us

Samsung Galaxy quantum secure phone

Samsung Galaxy Quantum 3 smartphone

The third model of the world’s first quantum smartphones and mass-market application of quantum technology.

QRNG enables trusted authentication and encryption of information, making apps and services safer and more secure for users.

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Representation of woman on laptop using ezquant quantum secure finger print technology

EzQuant Security Key powered with QRNG

The world’s first quantum FIDO-certified fingerprint security key.

Security key for fully secure physical secure access and online passwordless authentication to web services.

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Docusign eSignature quantum secure technology

DocuSign Quantum Secured Electronic Signature

Fast and easy Digital Signature meeting some of the most stringent security, privacy, and data residency requirements (FIPS / CC). It now embeds a QRNG chip source.

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