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SK Telecom, ID Quantique et al form a quantum alliance

Earlier this month, korean quantum leaders joined forces to accelerate the adoption of quantum technologies and their penetration in South Korea and internationally.

SK Telecom, ID Quantique (IDQ) Korea, Nokia Korea, KCS, S.O.S Lab, Wooriro and Axgate, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the establishment of a ‘Quantum Alliance’ and have agreed to engage in activities such as joint business opportunities exploration, joint marketing, regular consultation for public and national projects, and joint investment. As they develop the quantum ecosystem in South Korea, they also plan to actively explore new markets in the country but also abroad by bundling new quantum offerings together.

Forming the Quantum Alliance (left to right): SKT’s Son In-hyeok; Nokia’s Han Joo-ho; SKT’s Ha Min-yong; SOS Lab’s Jeong Ji-seong; IDQ Korea’s Eom Sang-yoon; Wooriro’s Oh Min-kyo; KCS’s Kim Gang-mook; and Axgate’s Joo Gapsu.

The domestic and international quantum market is expected to grow annually by an average of 29.2%, according to the ‘2023 Quantum Information Technology White Paper’ published by the National Information Society Agency (NIA) earlier this year. It is forecasted that investment from governments and major companies in various countries in the quantum industry will accelerate.


“With the establishment of the Quantum Alliance, we have laid the foundation for strengthening the competitiveness of the domestic quantum industry,” and further added, “We will continue to collaborate with leading domestic and international quantum companies to create success stories for the alliance and expand into the global market.”

Ha Min-yong, Head of SK Telecom’s Global Solution Office (Vice President)


Area of expertise:

  • Global communication equipment manufacturer Nokia Korea and leading quantum communication solution provider ID Quantique (IDQ) Korea are already building quantum-safe networks by implementing Quantum-Safe solutions in Korea.
  • KCS is the top domestic provider of hardware-based encryption modules, possessing products certified with the highest national security rating.
  • S.O.S Lab specializes in light detection and ranging (LiDAR) technology
  • Axgate is the leading VPN provider in Korea which has developed a quantum-secure virtual private network (VPN) server technology used by SK Telecom
  • Wooriro is a leading provider of Single Photon Avalanche Diode (SPAD) technology, a crucial component in quantum technology.


For further information, read the press release.

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