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Towards a broader use of Quantum Key Distribution in telecommunication network

Quantum Key Distribution network


Last week, the ITU-T1  adopted two new work items regarding the control and interworking of quantum key distribution (QKD) networks. Acting as editor, our partner SK Telecom coordinated and facilitated their development.

  1. ‘Software Defined Networking Control System for Interworking of Quantum Key Distribution Networks’ allows telecommunication companies to manage their existing communication networks and QKD networks in an integrated and efficient  manner. It also enables the integrated management of quantum cryptography communication networks- using QKD of different equipment vendors, a huge boost to the growth of the related ecosystem as telecommunication companies will be able to work with multiple equipment vendors to deploy quantum-powered networks.
  2. ‘Quantum Key Distribution Network Federation’ can be compared to international roaming between mobile operators. Just like international roaming provides users with mobile services beyond national boundaries, ‘Quantum Key Distribution Network Federation’ allows the provision of quantum-safe communication services regardless of whose QKD network users are on by supporting interworking/federation between QKD networks of different service providers.


These two work items will be approved as international standards through further discussions among ITU-T member countries, with the aim of easing the adoption of quantum key distribution in telecommunication networks globally.


ID Quantique and SK Telecom move one step forward in their standardization roadmap for quantum key distribution

IDQ and SK Telecom have been working closely to promote international standardization of quantum-safe technologies including QKD and QRNG, while expanding the quantum technology ecosystem and market. Their joint standardization roadmap aims at a wider deployment and implementation of QKD networks. This new step is contributing to a faster and wider adoption of quantum-based cybersecurity. Standards play a central role in building trust, as the agreement of industry standards is a sign of the maturity of a technology and its supporting ecosystem.


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1 International Telecommunication Union refers to the field of telecommunication standardization, and Affiliated organizations set standards in the field of communication


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