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Everyday quantum randomness, everywhere

A recent article by Edd Gent for IEEE Spectrum highlights how quantum randomness is being used to augment the security of everyday applications. Axel Foery, IDQ’s EVP Quantum Safe Security was among those interviewed for the article, alongside leading academics from the Universities of Valladolid in Spain and York in England.

Whilst the availability of a commercially viable quantum computer may still be a few years away, the same cannot be said for other applications of quantum technology. Quantum random number generation (QRNG) and quantum key distribution (QKD) have been successfully commercialized and, particularly in the case of QRNG, have seen a significant expansion in everyday use.

Randomness, and the generation of random numbers, plays more of a critical role in everyday life than most people might think. Random numbers are the building blocks of secure communications and are the foundations on which public key encryption and the security of the internet are built.

In his article Quantum Randomness Now Boosts Everyday Security, Gent points to two specific examples. First, the QRNG platform developed by Chinese tech company Alibaba to secure both its cloud and mobile payment offerings. Second, the inclusion of miniaturized QRNG technology in the new Samsung Galaxy Quantum 2 mobile handset. Both solutions feature QRNG solutions by ID Quantique.

Security is a key consideration for business and consumer purchasers alike. With more and more of our personal and confidential data being digitized, security has become a viable differentiator. As the technology matures, barriers to adoption are disappearing and the applications of QRNG are expanding to include (among others) the banking, automotive and gaming sectors.

Perhaps the greatest potential for future applications is the security of IoT devices. With over 30 billion devices expected to be connected by 2025, securing the digital universe will be an enormous undertaking. The miniaturization and commoditization of QRNG technology will bring quantum security to any edge device, including computers and mobile phones, providing greater protection for big data in all its guises.

For more information, visit the quantum random number generation pages on our website. Alternatively, if you want to discuss QRNG applications in more detail, contact us directly on info@idquantique or call us on +41 22 301 83 71.
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