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Automotive Cybersecurity

The automotive ecosphere and the communications systems connected to an automobile are under constant attack from cyber criminals.
Quantum technology enhanced security provides the highest level of trust, whilst ensuring future-proof protection that will resist future technological advancements.

Why Quantum?

Strong key generation is essential to ensure a third party cannot guess or deduce your communications’ security key.

Through Quantum Random Number Generation (QRNG), you are assured to get the highest quality entropy, which is provable random and verifiably secure.

This ensures:

  • Instantly strengthened encryption keys
  • Protected communication to outside apps and hardware
  • Protected communication in the cloud

Automotive Cybersecurity

Quantum RNG for Automotive

The Solution

IDQ’s QRNG chip is ideal for integration into automotive HSMs. It provides clear and robust entropy generation which instantly strengthens existing cryptographic mechanisms.

Features and Benefits

  • Provably random, highest value quantum enhanced keys
  • Low cost, low power, environmentally robust
  • Instant on and easy to integrate
  • AEC-Q100 certified, with integrated NIST 800-90A/B/C compliant DRBG post-processing

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Joint Product: Murata & ID Quantique

Quantum Hardware Security Module

Murata and ID Quantique have developed a joint cybersecurity integrated circuit (IC) solution based on IDQ’s quantum RNG, and Murata’s HSM technology. It is specifically designed to secure data in motion across V2X ecosystems & in-vehicle against existing and emerging threats, including those posed by Quantum Computing.

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IDQ-Murata_Quantum Hardware Security Module

Watch our automotive cyber security webinar:

Quantum security applied in automobiles: immediate benefits and future-proof protection

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With the ever-expanding attack surface of cybersecurity threats on connected cars, how can we be sure cars remains secure now and in 10 years’ time?

Quantum-enhanced security is now a mainstream solution to ensure trusted and secured in-vehicle and V2X communications.

In this webinar, Thomas Stengel will introduce IDQ’s quantum cyber security solutions and explain why it is time to consider this new technology now.
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20 Years of Quantum Innovation

Thomas Stengel

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ID Quantique

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