Clavis2 QKD Platform For R&D


  • Secure Key Exchange Up To 100km
  • BB84 and SARG Protocols
  • Auto-Compensating Interferometric Set-Up
  • Fully-Implemented Key Distillation Protocol


  • Quantum cryptography research
  • Implementation of novel protocols
  • Education and training
  • Demonstrations and technology evaluation
  • Quantum hacking and certification


Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) is a technology that exploits a fundamental principle of quantum physics – observation causes perturbation – to exchange cryptographic keys over optical fiber networks with absolute security.

It is attracting a growing interest in the scientific community based on advances in quantum computing, which will break many of today’s cryptographic primitives, and which drives a need for quantum-safe cryptography such as QKD. The Clavis2  QKD System – clavis is the ancient latin word for key – was developed by ID Quantique to serve as a versatile research tool.

Clavis2 uses a proprietary auto-compensating optical platform, which features outstanding stability and interference contrast, guaranteeing low quantum bit error rate. Secure key exchange becomes possible up to 100 km. This optical platform is well documented in scientific publications and has been extensively tested and characterized.

The Clavis2  QKD system is the most flexible product of its kind on the market. It consists of two stations controlled by one or two external computers. A comprehensive software suite implements automated hardware operation and complete key distillation. Two quantum cryptography protocols are implemented. The exchanged keys can be used in an encrypted file transfer application, which allows secure communications between two stations.


Clavis2 comes with a comprehensive software suite including:

  • QKD Menu and QKD Sequence control applications
  • Powerful graphical log file analysis tool
  • Secure Chat Application using one-time pad and AES encryption
  • QKD Development Kit C++ device access library
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