Industry Applications

IDQ encryption solutions are used to provide vital security and integrity of data in transit across high-speed networks. Our quantum-safe solutions are used to secure private and public sector data for a broad range of applications.


Datacentre SolutionsThe data recovery center links are the backbone of any organisation. Since they transport all the organisation’s critical data for backup daily, they are the most vulnerable point for wholesale theft of the organisation’s intangible assets.

IDQ solutions ensure high-speed link encryption up to 100Gbps without impacting network performance, latency or availability, and with the option of quantum crypto for long-term data protection. IDQ solutions also support multi-tenancy and managed service provider models.

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Banking SolutionsBanks and financial institutions need to ensure real-time availability of data for banking transactions and applications, while at the same time protecting sensitive client and proprietary information. In addition, they are subject to increasingly stringent compliance and regulatory requirements.

IDQ encryption solutions allow banks to implement a company-wide encryption platform with easily managed security policies which seamlessly supports all networks.

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Government SolutionsGovernments need to transmit large amounts of classified data, both internally and on a global scale. Cyber attacks and espionage are a constant threat, and the only effective way to ensure confidentiality and integrity of data in transit is through encryption.

IDQ encryption solutions allow governments to implement a single quantum-safe encryption platform which offers long-term data protection for sensitive data into and through the quantum era.

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