Quantum Key Distribution

ID Quantique is the world’s leading provider of Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) solutions – also known as quantum cryptography. These QKD solutions provide the ultimate in quantum-safe security for long-term data protection. By harnessing the power of quantum mechanics, QKD ensures a provably secure key exchange, alerting to any potential eavesdropping, as well as providing forward secrecy of the encryption keys.


Cerberis QKD Server


Cerberis from IDQ is a standalone rack-mountable QKD server; providing secure quantum keys based on the BB84 and SARG protocols. Integrated with IDQ’s Centauris Ethernet and Fiber Channel encryptors, Cerberis has been deployed by governments, enterprises and financial institutions since 2007.


Cerberis QKD Blade

Cerberis Blade Front

The world’s first carrier grade QKD platform. The Cerberis Blade is designed to be integrated into an ATCA telecom chassis but may be adapted to other form factors. It provides secure quantum keys based on the COW protocol.


Clavis2 QKD Platform


Open QKD platform for R&D, based on BB84 and SARG protocols with auto-compensating interferometric set-up. Widely deployed in the academic community for quantum cryptography research, quantum hacking and certification, and technology evaluations.


Clavis3 QKD Platform

Clavis3 Front

NEW! Open QKD platform for research and development applications, based on COW protocol.

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