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Get the basics right. Use Quantum randomness.

We live in an increasingly connected world, where a superior source of entropy is the key to data security. The effectiveness of any cryptographic system is determined by the strength of the keys it used. In turn, the strength of the key is determined by the degree of randomness used in its generation.

The greater the degree of entropy, the stronger the key.

QRNG is simply better

Our unparalleled Quantum Random Number Generators (QRNGs) leverage the random properties of quantum physics to generate a true source of entropy, improving the quality of seed content for key generation.

True randomness

Quantis products use simple quantum physical processes that are intrinsically random to generate true randomness from the first bit.

As the quantum processes underlying the QRNG are well understood, their inner working can be accurately controlled.


What’s the Q in QRNG?

Provably secure

Quantis Quantum Random Number Generators embed elementary components that can be easily monitored to detect any failure or attacks.

Environmental perturbations can be ruled out by simple health checks, guaranteeing QRNG always produce high quality entropy.


QRNG VS Others

Compliant & certified

IDQ follows best practices and continually performs quality and security testing on its Quantis products to reach compliancy with the most demanding standards.

Quantis products have been certified by accredited test institutions worldwide to ensure national independence and quality.



Miniaturization & mass-market application: QRNG is now ubiquitous

Meet the world’s smallest QRNG chip. It can be embedded into any IoT or mobile device, including smartphones, making quantum-enhanced security available to everyone.


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