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A Review of the 8th Single Photon Workshop

The Single Photon Workshop 2017 was held in Boulder, Colorado, USA in the last week of July. It offered a great opportunity to interact with our customers and showcased great examples of how science is driving technological development (and vice versa).

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The Race For Quantum Supremacy

In a few short years, the quest to develop a viable quantum computer, one that is capable of outperforming “classical” computers, has gone from science fiction to science fact. Quantum computers leverage the core principles of quantum physics to exponentially increase their computational power.

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Protecting Healthcare Data In Motion

The healthcare sector has been transformed in recent years, as both state-run and private healthcare organisations have embraced mobile and collaborative technologies. The move to incorporate “transformative technologies” is driven by two fundamentals – to improve the standard of patient care and to realise

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The Case for Strong Encryption Keys

The strength of any cryptographic system lies in its keys – the random stream of bits used by the cryptographic algorithm to transform plain text into cypher text and back again. Recently, the strength of these keys – particularly those used in PKI –

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Data owners still failing to get to grips with encryption

In its 2016 Breach Level Index report, Gemalto revealed that 1,792 breach incidents took place worldwide, affecting more than 1.3 billion records. This equates to over three million records being lost or stolen every day last year and brings the total number of records

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2016: Year of the Political Hack

The 2016 technology news headlines have been dominated by data breach notifications which is no exception; however, the nature of the attacks have been more disturbing.

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UK Government clarifies position on quantum technologies

In a recent publication, the UK Government Office for Science highlights the opportunities presented by the emerging field of quantum technologies. The Quantum Age: Technological Opportunities recognizes the global effort to commercialize quantum science, moving it out of the laboratory and into viable real-world

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Decoding the GDPR

If the last 5 years has taught us anything, it is that data breaches are inevitable. Users still make errors, systems are still vulnerable and cyber-criminals’ hunger for hacking shows no sign of being sated. It would be wrong to say that all data

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Quantum State

Dawn of the Quantum Computing Era

If technology has taught us anything, it's that the speed of change is unpredictable. A period of sustained innovation in the field of quantum computing has seen timelines for development getting shorter; with some experts predicting definitive results as soon as 2018.

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