In a world where the technological landscape is being transformed by quantum physics, ID Quantique remains at the forefront of the quantum revolution. IDQ helps customers to solve complex scientific problems with state-of-the-art tools and instrumentation.

The field of single photon counting and time-resolved applications has seen spectacular advancements recently, thanks in part to the evolution of Quantum Key Distribution. ID Quantique’s research and development division comprises highly qualified experts in the fields of quantum physics, electronics, optics, cryogenics and mechanical engineering.

With combined backgrounds in both industry and academia, they use their knowledge to push the boundaries of single photon counting applications.

IDQ challenges itself everyday to provide best-in-class solutions, from OEM to integrated solutions, based on the latest advances in electronics and FPGAs, without compromising on quality, reliability and safety.

Quantum Photonics is allowing us to address some of the biggest challenges in healthcare, engineering and information technology while leading to innovative applications in fields as diverse as metrological standards for biological imaging.


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