Quantum Key Generation

Quantum Key Generation

IDQ’s Quantum Key Generation solutions ensure the creation of truly random encryption keys and unique digital tokens for highly secure crypto operations. They are based on the internationally tested and certified Quantis Quantum Random Number Generator. Used by governments and enterprises worldwide, they offer the guarantee of Swiss quality, neutrality and trust.

The Quantis Appliance is a device providing randomness in networked,  high availability environments. The Quantum Key Factory is a platform which allows for a combination of multiple sources of randomness (entropy), as well as best practice key scheduling, key mixing, key storage and key auditing to guarantee secure key generation at the highest level of trust.

  • True random number generation platforms based on Quantis QRNG
  • Swiss quality and neutrality – key generation you can trust
  • Randomness based on natural quantum mechanics, robust to external environmental changes
  • Live verification of the core QRNG to ensure ongoing trust in the entropy source
  • Worldwide government certifications, including Swiss METAS certification and German BSI validation according to AIS 31


Today’s connected world requires constantly higher levels of security. In many situations, this is done by relying on cryptography, for which one of the critical elements is the unpredictability of the encryption keys. Other security applications, like identity & access management, also require a strong cryptographic foundation based on unique tokens.

Keys are used for encryption of information as well as in other cryptographic schemes; such as digital signatures, personal identification and message authentication codes. They are used everywhere in modern digital communications and they enable the trust which underpins communications in our globalised world, including the internet and financial systems.

The security of these keys or digital tokens lies in the quality of the randomness used to create the key itself. If the random number generation and the processes surrounding it are weak, then the key can easily be copied, forged or guessed and the security of the entire system is compromised. Therefore, high-quality key generation that ensures unpredictable, random keys is critical for security.

Digital or paper currencies also require unique identifiers that cannot be easily guessed or forecast. Also, many other high-value applications like lotteries, or gaming in general, require the same capacity to generate totally unpredictable numbers. The common denominator of all these markets is the critical reliance on absolutely random numbers.

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